Dangote Group to Pay Whistle-Blowers N250,000 for Reporting Dangote Trucks Involved in Illegal Haulage

Dangote group announced today that they are soliciting the help of Nigerians in their fight against illegal haulage using Dangote Trucks.

According to the statement, whistle-blowers will get rewarded with sum of N250,000 for reporting Dangote trucks that carry goods other than that belonging to the Dangote conglomerate.

See image below for all you need to know on how you can help.

Top Tips for Answering Common Interview Questions

Interviews help employers to find out who you are, what you know and where your skills lie. They’ll see if you have the talent for the job and the personality to thrive in their company.

During an interview, an interviewer will use a question and answer technique to find out about you: they pose a question, you articulate your best possible answer and blow them away.

But what are the top face-to-face and phone interview questions – and how should you answer them?

How to answer the 13 most common interview questions

From the very vague to the strangely specific, interviewers will ask a variety of questions to test your communication skills, confidence and ability to think under pressure.

Here’s are some of the more typical interview questions, and how you should try to respond.

1. Can you tell me about yourself?

Interviewers love opening with this one. It breaks any tension and starts the conversation.

Keep focused and give the interviewer a positive overview of why you’re a great fit for their company. Be yourself, keep it relevant and don’t ramble.

Try to build a rapport with the interviewer – paint a picture of why you’d be a great person to have around.

2. Why have you applied for this position?

You’ll have a personal reason for this. But try to relate what you say to the qualities listed in the job spec – and what attracted you to the job in the first place.

Perhaps it was the mention of career progression? Whatever your reason, use your answer to show off your talents and flatter your potential employer.

The key to giving good interview answers is preparing what you’re going to say before the big day

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Employers like self-awareness. Being able to tell your strengths from your weaknesses shows them you can see what you’re good at and what you need to improve.

Share a few examples of your strengths and how they’ve helped you. Then be honest about some weaknesses and explain how you’re working hard to improve.

Keep all examples relevant to the job you’re going for. And don’t say you have no weaknesses – it shows a lack of self-awareness.

4. What’s your biggest achievement?

Here’s another opportunity to speak with confidence and show pride. Just make sure the achievement you choose relates the job you’re applying for.

Give an example that helps the interviewer to see how your successes could become their successes. Go into detail to show why you think it’s an achievement worth sharing.

If you’re worried you lack a great achievement, talk about the skills that help you adapt to different challenges.

5. What makes you the right person for this role?

It’s time to highlight what makes you a better pick than any other candidate.

Share the qualities, skills and achievements that show why you’re suitable. These should paint you in a positive light, and give the interviewer a clear picture of how well you’ll do the job.

Like always, keep your examples relevant to the role.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is a cheeky one. The interviewer wants to hear how ambitious you are, what motivates you, and how dedicated to their company you’ll be.

So set yourself some goals before the interview. Then take the interviewer through them in detail. Show your commitment, and reassure the employer you’ll be around for years to come.

Ambition to work your way up the career ladder might impress. But any sign you’ll leave the job if you hit a hurdle might scare them off.

7. Why did you leave your previous role?

A new employer won’t want lightning to strike twice. They’ll ask why you left your last job to work out if the same could happen with them.

If you weren’t a good fit or opportunities didn’t satisfy you, be honest and say so. Your interviewer would rather hear that than feel you’re not a team player, or you’re difficult to manage.

Whatever your reason for moving on, share it with the most positive angle you can find.

8. Can you give me an example of a time you had to cope with a difficult situation? What was the outcome?

Interviewers like to find out how you cope with challenges. Especially those that might come up in the role they’re recruiting for.

Give an example of a time you faced a serious problem, responded positively and overcame it. Even better, relate your response to the role you’re interviewing for. Show you’re a cool, calm, creative problem-solver.

Your interviewer will want to know you can stay composed – even during stressful times. So keep your answer positive. No stories of losing control.

9. Why do you want to work here?

Make sure whatever you say shows the interviewer your desire to work for a reputable company like theirs.

Then – to make sure they remember you – bring in your own personality and share examples of the successes you could experience together. Try not to sound so enthusiastic that you come across as insincere.

Also, do some extra research before you meet. Search the recruitment pages of the employer’s website. Are there company perks you’d like to discuss?

10. What do you do in your spare time?

The interviewer wants to get to know your personality.

So be yourself and share your hobbies.

From what you say, the interviewer will see if you’re a good fit or might create a personality clash. It’s their responsibility to build a productive, happy team.

If they feel you’re not the right fit, try not to take it personally. Say thank you and find another opportunity.

11. Why should I consider you for this role?

This is a biggie. It could win you the job. Or, if you don’t sell yourself quite right, put your interviewer off.

Think what attracted you to the role and the company. Look back over the job criteria. Then make sure your answer paints you as the only person who could do this job – and do it brilliantly.

This might be one of your last chances to sell yourself. So give it everything to finish the interview full of pride and confidence.

12. Can you explain what our company does?

Of course you can. Because you’ve done your homework and taken the time to research the company in detail.

Explain what they do, who they work with, and why this appeals to you. To really show you know them, give some examples of what they’ve done recently. Have they been featured in the news or won an award?

There’s no excuse for getting this wrong. So put in the time to read their website, blog or printed material to show you’re serious about joining their team.

13. Would you like to ask any questions?

Take this opportunity to ask anything that’s on your mind. As long as it’s related to the interview, of course.

What team-building activities do you do? How will you encourage me to learn new skills? Prepare a few good interview questions before you meet. Then ask those you haven’t already covered.

Just try not to answer ‘no’. Asking even a couple of good questions can make you look eager and excited to get the job and become part of the team.

How Do I Create An Effective Ad On Kadaland.com?

There are four keys to a successful classified ad: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action. Get a reader’s attention, make them interested in what you’re selling, once you have their interest, turn up the interest even more and then give them a way to take action. We’ve put together a list of quick and easy tips that will give the best results to sellers:

  1. It is important to make your title clear, appealing and eye-catching.
  2. State an appropraite price or a range: Quote a price, even if it’s high or low. If you’re high, explain why it’s worth it (for example: one of a kind, luxury item, hand-crafted, etc.), and if it’s low, be sure to mention that it is a great deal and also explain why the price is so low (for example: moving, quick sale, special purchase)
  3. The description of your product must be informative enough and must not contain any false information regarding your product or service.   
  4. Upload only unique and high-quality photos of your items taken by yourself and not downloaded from the Internet. The better photos you add, the more attractive your ad looks to the potential buyers and the more calls you receive.
  5. Indicate correct contact details for the potential buyers/clients to be able to reach you easily. Try to respond all the incoming calls or to call back your customers once available.
  6. Try to fill out all the fields of your profile page, as well as those of your advert, to let your customers dispose of all the necessary information about you as a seller and the products you sell.
  7. Specify brand names: If you are selling name brand merchandise, be sure to name the brand (and model, if pertinent) in the ad – the more specific the better. People want to know exactly what it is you’re selling before they call and the more information you can provide, the better. Think of it as if you are a customer in a shop, would you prefer to know the specifics of a product or just a general idea of what it is?It
  8. Make your advert as risk-free as possible. Underline that no prepayments are required and be ready to list those delivery services which presuppose payment on the delivery of the product ordered.
  9. Find out what is important to people and make sure you touch on those points when describing your ad; and use complete sentences – they’re easier to read than a series of phrases and random words. Put yourself in the customer’s place. If you were browsing the classified ads, what would grab your attention? What words or phrases would make your ad stand out from the rest?

6 Things You Should Know About TSTV

TSTV launches as the first Nigerian cable operator to offer Pay-Per-View services.
TSTV may not just be only a competitor to DSTV but also to telecom providers like MTN. TSTV decoder comes with free 20GB data bundle!
​Before you buy your TSTV Decoder, here are first hand information on the 6 things to know about the Pay TV that was launched yesterday. 

1. The N5000 for TSTV initial purchase includes a decoder, a dish and a remote control but excludes any installation service charge. 

2. TSTV Pay AS You Go pause service i.e. the ability to pause your subscription when not in use would be available to those that would go for the maximum subscription which is the monthly N3,000 package and you would only be able to pause subscription not more than 7 days, thereby allowing you 37 days at most for your monthly subscription. So don’t expect to use your one month subscription from January to December in the name of pausing or expect to use one day N200 subscription for one month.

3. The first time you buy the decoder is the only time you would be able to enjoy up to 20GB of data as bonus, for subsequent full monthly subscription comes with 10GB of data and not 20GB as some of you might be thinking.

4. TSTV has incorporated its subscription service payments into Quickteller the popular E-payment service in the country and just like DSTV, you would also be able to easily pay for your TSTV subscriptions through Quickteller.

5. You would be able to buy extra 1GB data or above from TSTV at the cost of N300 for 1GB

6. TSTV data allocation has nothing to do with watching of TSTV channels but just a separate and additional offer to the entire TSTV concept or better still what you commonly regard as Value Added Service (VAS).

So, will DSTV be having serious strategic meeting about the advent of TSTV? We really do hope there won’t be some aggressive or dirty interplay soon.
All we need to do is support this company. Buy Nigeria, Support Nigeria.

5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Products/Services On Kadaland’s Free Classified Ads Platform

Online classified advertisements have been around for years and will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come. It has become more and more popular over recent years, among both companies and private traders, but why should you think about online advertisements when it comes to promoting your service/product?

What is a classified ad?
Classified ads are small text and image based advertisements used to promote/sell a product or service. Classified ads originated in newspapers and magazines but are now around online. Online classified ads are usually longer in length than offline ads, because there is no pricing per word.

Online classified advertising has become one of the highest grossing forms of advertisement.

Below are five reasons why classified advertisements should be used online:

1. Cost effective
Advertising on Kadaland is generally free. For the amount of information you can upload in Kadaland, and the amount of potential viewers on our site, advertising here is extremely cost effective.

2. Listing your advert on Kadaland gets your products/services in front of thousands of protective customers
Unlike local/regional newspapers, magazines or even national newspapers, your advertisement can be seen by potential customers all over the state and country.

3. Use of photos and text
In a classified advertisement, you can get your point over through text, and you can also show your product in the form of a picture. A picture tells a thousand words and this is also true in this circumstance. Having a picture breeds faith among your potential customers, you can say your product is of near new condition, but seeing it is another story.
Classified ads are always short and to the point, however, the reason why they are so popular is because they allow follow ups. This allows potential customers to get all the essential information quickly.

4. Leave contact details
You can always leave your contact details while posting your new ad. By doing this you will ensure that any potential customers can follow up their interest. Kadaland.com allows potential customers to contact advertisers directly on the website by tapping on the contact option to make enquiries on the advertiser’s product/services.

5. Buy and sell locally

Many things in life work best locally. If you are for example searching for a used phone or car online, local offers in your vicinity are often the best solution for your needs. This is why Kadaland offers a local marketplace instead of nationwide classifieds. Get a new job with job offers listed here, buy a car in the automobile category or find a new home in the real estate listings. 

On Kadaland, we highly recommend that you carry out all transactions locally.

The main player in local listing scene is Google maps, hence its integration into Kadaland. When you list your product or service, your location will display on Kadaland.

Google map seller’s/business location view on computer 

Google map seller’s/business location view on smartphone

Please note that a valid address must be entered into the ‘street’ field for your location to display properly.

So, do you have something to sell? Post an ad easily, sell your items quickly and get that cash. 

Post your free ad now!

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