Posting Rules

We’re here to give our customers a free and easy way to buy, sell and find
opportunities. To help that happen, we have some rules we need you to follow.

What are the rules?

– You have to be eighteen and over to use the site.

– You’re only allowed one account. Our fees are per person, not per account. If you’re using more than one account to avoid posting fees, we’ll have to restrict your access to your accounts. Only use one.

– No contact details in titles or descriptions. Please add them to the right fields. That way you’ll have more room to describe what you’re selling.

– Clean, clear and accurate photos please. We’ll ask you to take them down if you add contact details to them. Or if they lie about what you’re selling. For example, posting a picture of an animal that isn’t yours.

– No links to other websites in your ad. There’s a dedicated field for this when you post your ad.

– Choose the best category you can. This will give you the best exposure and keep our site clean and tidy.

– English only please. And keep it clean.

– One ad per item, and one item per ad. Just so nobody gets confused, don’t post duplicate ads.

– Highlight the best bits of your item, not our brand. We don’t endorse or support one thing over another.

– Only sell it if you have it.

– No spam please. This includes ad spam and keyword spamming in ads. Let’s keep our community as clean as we can.

– And finally: if you’ve sold it, go to your dashboard and kindly mark advert as sold or simply delete the ad.

Please note that the following items are prohibited on

• Firearms and ammunition
• Illegal/Pirated copies of books, CDs and DVDs
• Drugs, narcotics, tobacco and other smoking related products
• Free to air decoders
• Fireworks and related items
• Alcoholic beverages
• Pharmaceuticals
• Human parts
• Ads from minor(people below 18)
• Replicas and counterfeits
• Contraband products
• Black magic
• Digital products
• Coupons, vouchers and credit cards
• Lottery & Slot machines
• Explicit or adult content or services
• Ads seeking for donations or help.
• “Selfies” and images that have no relation to the posted item or service. Images downloaded from the internet (stock images) are not allowed
• Pyramid schemes / multi-level marketing
• Endangered animals and other species
• Affiliate Programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships
• Offers on how to make money / profitable time / work from home.

What if someone keeps breaking the rules?

We remove their ads. Every time we do, we send them an email to let them know why. If they carry on, we might not refund them for payments they’ve made.

You can find out more in our terms and conditions.